Connecting to Success

Whether working at KBIA or meeting with his students through MU Connect, Mark Johnson enjoys helping others.

Mark Johnson portrait

Mark Johnson

Before MU Connect — Mizzou’s student tracking, early alert, appointment scheduling and retention application — Johnson found it difficult to keep tabs on student performance in an online setting. He likes to make sure his students are recognized for their hard work through the platform.

“I will put kudos out for students who are excelling in their classes,” Johnson says. “And for those students who have struggled but have put a plan together.”

Catherine Peterson portrait

Catherine Peterson

Johnson, chief engineer at MU’s NPR-affiliate station, is one of four recipients of the MU Connect Champions Award, an annual honor which recognizes faculty, staff, teaching assistants and students who help improve teaching and student success at Mizzou. MU Connect also allows Johnson to directly communicate with instructors and address student needs throughout the school year.

Catherine Peterson, associate professor and director of undergraduate studies with the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, praises MU Connect’s efficiency and collaborative function.

Karen Hayes portrait

Karen Hayes

“I love MU Connect because it provides a streamlined way for me to identify and communicate with instructors, advisors and others within a student’s network,” Peterson says.

Karen Hayes is a course coordinator at the Center of Academic Success & Excellence (CASE).

“Winning the award was totally surprising,” Hayes says. “MU Connect is a wonderful tool. It challenges us as coordinators to help best support students and faculty and it is that ‘glue.’ When a professor sends a student kudos, you want to congratulate them.”

Elizabeth Warren portrait

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren, director of program and project operations in the School of Journalism, says MU Connect has helped with better communication between faculty and students.

“We get the most bang for our buck with MU Connect,” Warren says. “All of us using the platform increases our ability to serve students campus wide.”