Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MU Connect?
A: MU Connect is a student tracking, early alert, appointment scheduling and retention application that supports student success and engagement. The online application helps students connect with instructors, advisers, and staff as well as enhance communication across campus departments.
Q: What is a flag and when should I use one?
A: Flags are designed to inform students when their performance is not meeting expectations. Instructors are encouraged to raise flags based on poor performance and/or attendance concerns. Raising a flag generates an automated email that is sent to the student (to which instructors can enter additional comments). Once a student has been flagged by an instructor, academic support is notified with an automated email in MU Connect. Flagging a student through MU Connect creates a transparent communication trail that allows all individuals working with the student to see a clear picture of the student’s performance. View email templates for flags.
Q: Why should I send a MU Connect flag to my student? Wouldn’t sending a personalized email from Canvas or my email account be easier?
A: Flagging students in MU Connect creates a transparent record that reflects students’ academic progress throughout the semester. In addition, it allows for transparent coordination of intervention efforts with academic support offices across the MU campus.
Q: What happens when students are flagged?
A: When an instructor sends a student a flag, they receive an automatic email from the instructor’s e-mail address. This email is specific to the course and flag that was raised. The email informs the student that the instructor is concerned about their progress in the course. View email templates for flags.
Q: Who can raise a flag on a student?
A: Instructors (and teaching assistants) can flag students, raise kudos, or send a referral for undergraduate students in undergraduate courses.
Q: What is a Progress Survey?
A: A progress survey allows an instructor to send alerts at a specific point in time during the semester related to different aspects of academic performance. Each aspect identified as a concern will generate its own standardized email, sent on behalf of the instructor, directly to the student. Instructors are highly encouraged to provide feedback via Progress Surveys or by using other methods of raising flags. For more information on using Progress Surveys and other methods of issuing flags and kudos, please see the following guides: Progress Survey Guide (PDF) and Raising Flags and Kudos (PDF).
Q: It seems that a Progress Survey is mandatory. What if I don’t want to fill out a Progress Survey at Week 4 and Week 8?
A: The Progress Survey is not mandatory, and, there are other ways an instructor can raise a flag other than using the Progress Surveys. If you choose not to participate in the Progress Survey, we just ask that you “submit” the survey with “no concerns at this time”. And, if you don’t have any progress or performance issues to report on at week 4 and/or week 8, keep in mind that you can raise flags (or kudos) throughout the semester using other methods. For more information on using Progress Surveys and other methods of issuing flags and kudos, please see the following guides: Progress Survey Guide (PDF) and Raising Flags and Kudos (PDF).
Q: What is a Kudo and when should I use one?
A: Kudos are course-based indicators that instructors (or teaching assistants) can send to students to encourage positive performance in class. View email templates for kudos.
Q: Will I have to personally raise a flag or kudo?
A: It depends. Since you understand your course the best and in order to provide you with control of the messages sent to your students, instructors are encouraged to raise flags and kudos. However, TAs can raise flags and kudos as well.
Q: How can I locate flag/kudo information (tracking items) after I raise them?
A: There are multiple ways to search and filter information in MU Connect. For more information on how to do so, please see the following guide: Tracking Items (PDF).
Q: Who can view early alert information?
A: Instructors and TAs can view student information related to the course(s) they are teaching (as indicated in myZou and/or Canvas). Academic support staff (including advisers) can view student information only if they have a “one-to-one” connection with that student.
Q: How should I inform students that they may receive a flag or kudo?
A: Instructors are welcome to display information in the course syllabus, course announcements, and share with students in class. See Early Alert Student Syllabus Statement Example.
Q: Why can’t I see students who are not in my classes or my advisees?
A: MU Connect provides you with viewing options only to those students with whom you have a direct relationship, either as an instructor or academic adviser.
Q: How much additional time will it take me to use MU Connect?
A: It depends on how much you would like to use the tool within your course. Instructors are encouraged to send flags and kudos after the first major assignment, following midterm exams/projects and prior to finals. Instructors may send additional flags and kudos throughout the duration of the semester, or whenever they deem it necessary.
Q: I’m concerned about learning a new piece of software. How do I receive help using MU Connect, or schedule some training?
A: MU Connect is a student success tool sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Studies, with training/support offered through ET@MO. This means that workshops and training sessions are readily available for instructors, TAs and academic support personnel. MU Connect workshops are held at certain times throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Additionally, ET@MO offers Open Help Sessions every Thursday afternoon from 1:00 – 3:00 in Heinkel Building Suite 130. In addition, ET@MO offers specialized training sessions for academic departments, if interested. Please contact for more information.
Q: Will I get overloaded with email if I use MU Connect?
A: No. MU Connect allows you to configure your email settings so that you can receive a daily digest that summarizes flag and kudo activity. Also, MU Connect Support (through ET@MO) can assist with setting up a rule in Outlook, so emails from MU Connect are routed directly to a folder to view at your convenience.
Q: How do I set up my Canvas course so I can use MU Connect Early Alert?
A: Canvas courses and gradebook data will automatically feed into MU Connect with no configuration needed by faculty. To use the Zoom-In* feature within MU Connect, please access our Early Alert (PDF) guide, or watch one of our How-To Videos on how to use this feature.

* The purpose of the Zoom In feature is to give instructors the ability to filter students’ performance by grade information in the Canvas grade book and select multiple students at a time to raise a flag or kudo.

Q: How will students access MU Connect?
A: Students can access MU Connect in two ways. Students may simply login to Canvas and select MU Connect from the hyperlinked button in the upper-right hand part of the screen. Or, students may login directly to MU Connect.
Q: I am trying to use Early Alert but it does not seem to be working. Who should I contact?
A: Email with any questions or to schedule an MU Connect workshop for your faculty and/or department.