Student FAQ

A: You will want to use your student Zoom account to virtually meet with your advisor. You can view step-by-step directions with this training document.

A: Your specific advisors or counselors might not be assigned yet. Check back later or contact your academic advisor (via e-mail or phone) for additional assistance.

A: Chrome and Firefox work best when accessing MU Connect (and Canvas).  Safari (for Mac users) should also work well.

A: Yes, you can use MU Connect on a mobile device (using Chrome, Firefox and Safari), but there is not an app for MU Connect, currently.

A: Click on the view details link under the flag and follow the instructions given by your instructor or advisor. It is important that you follow instructions when receiving notifications to keep you on the path toward student success.

A: Find the appointment on your Upcoming Appointments channel shown on the MU Connect home page.  Click the icon at the beginning of the line. This will bring up a menu that will allow you to cancel or edit the appointment.

A: You will be notified by e-mail of the cancellation.  It will also disappear from your Upcoming Appointments channel on the home page.

A: Click your name in the MU Connect menu (using the hamburger icon in the upper left part of the page) and click on the Email Notifications link to go to your profile. Here you can provide an email address you prefer to use instead of, or in addition to, your school email address.

A: For technical issues, contact the DoIT HelpDesk at 573-882-5000. For questions regarding a flag or a referral, please contact your instructor or academic advisor.