MU Connect Advisor & Staff Toolkit


Welcome to the MU Connect Advisor & Staff Toolkit! The purpose of this page is to provide MU Connect Advisors/Staff with “Getting Started Resources” to help get students connected with you via MU Connect.

  • Inserting MU Connect Logo in Your Email Signature (DOC)
    This document will share how to insert the MU Connect logo in your Outlook e-mail signature line. Advisors/Staff can also hyperlink the MU Connect logo to go to the MU Connect website when a student clicks on the logo in your email signature.
  • MU Connect Student Login Instructions
    Advisors/Staff can include MU Connect login instructions in student emails and other communications to help direct students to find them. Advisors/Staff can modify this language and customize it to fit their office.
  • MU Connect Student Handout (PDF)
    This is a document that advisors/staff can print or send to inform students about MU Connect and why/how it is used at Mizzou.
  • MU Connect Office Waiting Room Slide (PPT)
    This is a Power Point slide that can be played on a computer monitor in your office’s waiting room.
  • MU Connect Student Presentation Slide (PPT)
    This is a Power Point slide that advisors/staff can use for individual/group presentations (Summer Welcome, etc.) that explains basic “How-To” information about MU Connect.

For more information or additional resources, please visit the MU Connect Advisors & Staff page on the MU Connect website.