Make an Appointment

  1. From the My Success Network, click the triangle beside the name of the person you want to schedule an appointment with, and then select Schedule.For Services where appointments are available, select Schedule for the desired service.

    Or, from the Courses channel, select Schedule Appointment below the contact information for the desired person or service.

  1. Select the type of appointment you want to schedule and choose a reason from the list.
  1. Adjust the date range as needed to find days and times that work for your schedule, and then select a time from the list.
    **You MUST select an end date in order for the days and times to display.**

  1. Complete your sign up by adjusting any details, such as duration or course, where applicable, and add a description for why you want to meet.
  1. Click Confirm to finish scheduling the appointment. You will get an email with the appointment details and the appointment will be listed on your Dashboard.

Change an Appointment

Upcoming appointments will be listed on your Dashboard in the time line view (left column). Click the edit icon ( ) to modify the appointment or the cancel icon ( ) to cancel it.