Early Alert FAQs

When an instructor sends a student a flag, they receive an automatic email from the instructor’s e-mail address. This email is specific to the course and flag that was raised. The email informs the student that the instructor is concerned about their progress in the course. View Student Early Alert Email Template.

Instructors can flag students, raise kudos, or send a referral for undergraduate students in undergraduate courses. Notifications about Progress Surveys will be sent via e-mail. Progress Surveys will remain open during weeks 4-5 and again weeks 8-9. Instructors are also able to manually raise flags, referrals, and kudos at any point throughout the semester.

A progress survey allows an instructor to send alerts at a specific point in time during the semester related to different aspects of academic performance. Each aspect identified as a concern will generate its own standardized email, sent on behalf of the instructor, directly to the student. Instructors are highly encouraged to provide feedback via Progress Surveys or by using other methods. For more information on using Progress Surveys and other methods of issuing flags and kudos, please see the following guides: Progress Survey Guide (PDF) and Raising Flags and Kudos (PDF).

Instructors can raise a flag or kudo students in MU Connect – Early Alert any time they have feedback about a student’s academic progress or if the student needs additional support in the class. Instructors can also submit academic performance via progress surveys.

All flags, kudos, and referrals raised will result in an e-mail to the student. Additionally, primary academic advisers will receive notification of the flags. Academic advisers or student services staff can view this information and reach out to students based on the nature of the flag.

Instructors can view student information related to the course(s) they are teaching.

Advisers can view all of their advisees’ student information, including their advisees’ flags, kudos, and referrals for all courses.

Instructors are welcome to display information in the course syllabus, course announcements, and share with students in class. See Early Alert Student Syllabus Statement Example.

No – only instructors can raise flags.

There are multiple ways to search and filter information in MU Connect Early Alert. See Tracking Items (PDF).

Yes, flags raised in a course from which a student has withdrawn or dropped will still be visible by the advisor, even if the flag is cleared.

Email muconnectsupport@missouri.edu with any questions.