Progress Survey

The Progress Survey allows an instructor to send alerts at a specific point in time during the semester related to different aspects of academic performance. Each aspect identified as a concern will generate its own standardized email, sent on behalf of the instructor, directly to the student. The concern is also shared with the student’s academic adviser. Academic advisers may reach out to students based on the nature of the flag. While instructors are encouraged to provide useful feedback to students based on their academic performance, there are other methods that can be used in MU Connect to raise flags and kudos.

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Fall 2022 Progress Survey Dates and Deadlines

Week 4 Progress Survey

September 13 – Week 4 Progress Survey Deployed

September 23 – Week 4 Progress Survey Due

Week 8 Progress Survey

October 11 – Week 8 Progress Survey Deployed

October 21 – Week 8 Progress Survey Due

How To Fill Out a Progress Survey